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Even though the State of Colorado recognizes the rights of grandparents and the benefits the children can have by relationship with them, recently, the courts have made it harder to obtain this needed visitation. Bakkum & Associates, LLC can work through this difficult process and get you what you require, and deserve.


Brian L. Bakkum has the experience of over 100 jury trials and is a former prosecutor in the District Attorneys office. He can help you navigate through these issues.

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For a situation like grandparents visitation, you should trust a law firm with experience. Bakkum & Associates, LLC has those credentials. We also offer FREE consultations and provide a 10% discount to all military personnel.


You can trust our vast litigation experience when it comes to divorce, custody or parental rights and dependency and neglect. Our domestic violence, adoption and child or spousal support services can help you out in times of need. We also provide expert mediation services and can assist you with restraining orders.

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